Stranahan’s Diamond Peak


Stranahan’s Diamond Peak

I decided to sample another American single malt whiskey before returning to tasting notes from my scotch cabinet.  Stranahan’s is a small batch whiskey distilled in a neighboring state, Colorado.  Stranahan’s Diamond Peak is a special bottling that is aged for at least 4 years in new charred White American Oak barrels.  It is made with local barley and water from the Rocky Mountains.

This whiskey is 47% ABV and non-chill filtered.  My tasting notes are from a Lot # 9 bottle.

On the nose, I find sweetness, primarily honey.  On second pass, I find a scent akin to lightly smoked pear.  There is also a damp oak forest element.  On the palate, the first sip is immediately sweet, with a bit of a spice prickling of the tongue.  In mid-palate, I find banana, and a little charcoal, with the spice lingering.  The finish is relatively short, pleasantly warm, and ends with a raspberry note.

This is a good young whiskey.  Similar to my recent tasting of another American single malt, there is something about it that makes it unlike most scotch, possibly the influences of the bourbon-like approach of finishing in new charred barrels?   But, do not read that comment as suggesting that I would find Stranahan’s Diamond Peak to have a profile like the Cut Spike whiskey I recently sampled.   Fundamentally, I like both of these single malt whiskeys, but I would not mistake one for the other.

The only drawback to my assessment of Stranahan’s Diamond Peak is that it costs more, around $70, than I think may be warranted for a young whiskey in a market where there are similarly young whiskeys for less, and more aged scotches for no more.

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