Talisker 25 (2009 release)


Talisker, 25 (2009 Release) 54.8% ABV.

This is one that I have been meaning to get back to for some time.  This is the 2009 release, which was at a higher ABV than the subsequent 2011 and 2013 releases.

On the nose, I find tangerine and orange, a somewhat dry presentation, with very light peat notes.  When I sip this dram, it takes on a whole new character.  On the palate, the smoke and peat flood the senses, soon followed with pepper heat taking over.  In the aftermath, it settles in with smoked salt.  It shows the smoothness of a well aged whisky, but this is no gentle dram.  It grabs you and takes you for a ride.  Sort of a turbo charged Talisker 18. The finish is long and warm, the pepper settles in and smoky peat

This is a very fun whisky, certainly one that appeals to my tastes.  I will one day have to find out if the newer releases, at lower ABV, deliver a similar profile.   Although, the cost of this 25 year old is climbing into the range that makes it a less reasonable purchase.

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