Glenfarclas 21


Glenfarclas 21.  43% ABV.

I have had this bottle for a while now, one that I picked up at Dundee Dell in Omaha.   I had been looking to acquire a Glenfarclas 17, but at the time they were out of stock and offered the Glenfarclas 21.  I recall that I was not very impressed with this variation at the time, but since I had not yet written up any tasting notes, it seemed like a good time to revisit my assessment.

It has an understated nose, with hints of sherry, orange and raisin.  This whisky is very subdued on first sip, barley with a dash of sherry.  Even for the 43% ABV, it comes across light initially, with the flavor profile opening up slowly on the palate.  It unfolds with dry fruit, malt, a little spice, with smoke on the back end.  The finish is short, some spice and smoke.  It is a very smooth, gentle sipping, dram.

I do not know what it is, but this Genfarclas 21 does not reach the level that I associate with the Glenfarclas 17.  It just seems very tame, neither offensive nor particularly appealing.

Then again, there may be some who want what seems to me to be single malt whisky-light.  It is not too expensive, particularly for the age range.  Just do not come to this whisky if you want big sherry, or other big notes.

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