Macallan 18


Macallan 18. ABV 43%.

I have had this whisky for a while now, just back visiting it again.

The sherry emphasis is evident at first exposure to the senses.  The nose is bright, ginger, chocolate and cherry notes.  On first sip, I find this to be very rich on the palate, sweet sherry, rum and spice, warm chocolate.  It is a smooth, mature, and well balanced whisky.  The finish is medium-long, still sherry dominant, a bit of salty caramel and toasted oak.

The sherry is present in this whisky from the nose to the finish.  As my taste preferences have evolved, I find myself spending less time with sweeter expressions like this one.  But, it is a classic, rich, example of a sherried Speyside whisky.

It was not an inexpensive whisky when I acquired it, and the current prices are significantly higher.  I am not likely to purchase another Macallan 18, there are other options that can deliver similar profile at half the price.

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