Longmorn 16

Longmorn 16.  ABV 48%.  Non-Chill Filtered.  Color added.

A gentle nose of apple and spice, perhaps raisins.   On the palate it is dry, citrus and ginger, with minor spice notes, and a lingering caramel element.  The finish is warming and medium.

This whisky has a smoothness that reflects the maturity through the gentle unfolding of flavors.  I found myself shifting my assessment of the flavor with successive sips, no dominating element.  It does not have the sweet Sherry influences that I find to be characteristic of many Speyside single malts.   It is a dryer, but in no way harsh, whisky.

The bottle comes with a leather strip around the base.  I am not sure what the intent was, and it matters little to me what is on the outside of a whisky bottle.

This is an easy whisky to sip.  For the age, it is reasonably priced.  Then again, reasonable is a shifting standard in today’s single malt whisky market.  If you are looking for a whisky that dominates the palate, that has aggressive elements, then skip this one.  If you want a good, dry, smooth whisky with subtle flavor, then you might find Longmorn 16 a good investment.

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