Macallan Edition No. 2

Macallan Edition No. 2.  ABV 48.2%.   Non-chill filtered.

The Macallan Edition No. 2 is a non-aged statement single malt that is finished in a combination of sherry casks. This whisky is marketed as a collaboration of Macallan whisky makers along with chef’s and sommelier from a famous Spanish restaurant.  The casks and associated influences are detailed on the packaging:

  • Diego Martin casks, green wood and toffee
  • Vasyma American Oak casks, light vanilla and citrus
  • Jose Miguel Martin, spicy ginger
  • Tevasa cask, dried fruit and sherry

The color is a deep amber, and the nose comes across as sweet floral, with influences of toffee and possibly ginger.  It is sweet, but lighter and fruitier than I find with the standard Macallan.   On the palate it is initially spicy, with a little pepper, but that soon transitions to pear and ginger.  A delicate sweetness that lingers.  The finish is medium, slightly warming, but overall a balanced mix of pear, ginger and maybe a little blood orange.  A smooth dram given the relative youth of this whisky.

I find this to be a very pleasant and enjoyable whisky.  For my tastes, it infuses just enough flavors from the sherry casks to add character, without it being overly sweet.   If you are a fan of Macallan 18, you might find it too light on the Sherry elements.  And, clearly, it is not as polished and refined as the more aged whisky.  But, it has the core character of a Macallan whisky, just with a refreshing light twist.

Of course, I also have to add, that this is a reasonably priced whisky.  I have not purchased the more aged offerings lately, but I suspect you could easily buy four bottles of Macallan Edition No. 2 for the price of one Macallan 18.  I know which one I would select.

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