Macallan 25


Not my usual tasting observations this time.  As you can see from the photo, I am down to my last couple drams of my bottle of Macallan 25.   I hope to share the final sips with a good friend who was instrumental in this particular single malt finding it’s way into my collection.  At the time, he and a few other work colleagues pitched-in to purchase this bottle at what – for the time – was a pretty steep price tag.

It is an exceptional single malt, well balanced and mature, with the sherry infused sweetness you would expect from a Macallan – and many other Speyside single malts – rich flavors on the palate, and a long refined finish.

But, as much as I enjoy it, this will be the last of Macallan 25 for me.  The current price for a bottle here is $1,649!   Something in the neighborhood of a four-fold increase in recent years.  In a good bar, a dram will cost you more than a bottle of many outstanding single malt whiskys.  I do not know how much of it is supply and demand, and how much is aggressive pricing by Macallan.  The Macallan 12 remains a very good single malt at a reasonable price, but things quickly jump into the ridiculous range for other Macallan bottles.   Even the non-age statement Rare Cask is selling for $300, about twice the cost other heavy sherry infused non-age statement whiskeys from top producers (such as, Highland Park Dark Origins).

I have read that the supply of aged single malt stock is declining, leading both to more non-age statement offerings and higher prices for the older bottles.  Yet, even in this environment, Macallan appears to be out of line – particularly when there are so many other good whisky choices.

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