SMWS 76.118

SMWS 76.118SMWS 76.118, We Love Whisky, non-chill filtered, 49.5 % ABV.

Another of the offerings from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.  This one, from a single cask from Mortlach, a Speyside distillery.  This Whisky has been aged 27 years, dating back to 1987.  The Society classifies this whisky falling into the broad category of “Sweet, fruity and mellow”.

The nose is very pleasant, with sweet and floral notes.  I find elements of toffee and citrus underneath the clear single malt character.  The first sip is more aggressive on the palate than the nose would suggest.  A reminder that it is, after all, a whisky.  The palate entry is spicy, with pepper.  A second and third sip bring out more fruit and citrus elements as the initial spicy overlay mellows.  The finish is medium to long, with a lingering warmth, and subdued peat.

I wonder, if on first sip, that I look a bit like an owl … my eyes large in reflection of the surprise at the first introduction to the palate.  This whisky has the maturity of aging, that brings a refinement in the overall experience.  It is smooth and sophisticated.  A whisky that is likely to appeal to many, and disappoint few.

It would go very well with a little cheese, I am thinking a nice ash cheese, a few crackers, and some apple slices.


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