Glenmorangie Tùsail

Glenmorangie TusailGlenmorangie Tùsail, Private Edition, non-chill filtered, 46.0% ABV.

I have been curious about this latest Glenmorangie private edition offering as it is an interesting departure from their usual offerings.  Tùsail is made using an old strain of barley, called Maris Otter, which is more traditionally used in the brewing English ales.  It provides a very distinctive taste profile.

The nose has some unique notes of earthiness, malt-like, along with orange and ginger.

The palate has an earthy sweetness.  That sounds odd when I read it, but somehow that is the dual personality I find in this whisky.  I find it to have initial malty, biscuit tones with orange, toffee, and ginger emerging. The Glenmorangie heritage is evident, but with strong malt and barley grain foundation.

The finish is on the sweet side, lightly spicy fading to dry grain. A short to intermediate finish.

While I sometimes enjoy a nibble of chocolate to complement a single malt, sipping this dram makes me think more about getting some Carr’s Whole Wheat Biscuits as the food pairing.  Not in a bad way, just different.

Like the Glenmorangie Companta, it is a special expression from this distillery that shares a common heritage, but comes with a fun twist.  On the balance, an interesting whisky that I will enjoy.

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