Ardbeg Supernova

Ardbeg SupernovaArdbeg Supernova (Committee Release SN2014). non-chill filtered. 55% ABV.

This is a limited edition, non-age statement, release from Ardbeg with an emphasis on the peat, a rating of 100ppm which is nearly double than found for Ardbeg 10. It is clearly at the high end of peat for Ardbeg, but not at the level of Bruichladdich Octomore (169ppm). The 2014 Supernova bottling includes whisky finished in sherry-casks but remains very light in color.

The nose is modest, peat and brine, a little grassy, but also with a sweetness element. Underlying smoke. Some familiar Ardbeg notes.

On first sip, it is a more gentle entry on the palate than I would anticipate from the nose and the high peat ppm. Initial spicy, orange peel, smoked citrus, slowly giving way to the peat and sweet seaweed. Subsequent sips bring liquorice, dry espresso, pepper.

The finish is not particularly long, showing the youth of the bottling. It is a dry finish, with the sweet citrus and smoke lingering as the other tastes fade.

Given my fondness for Islay single malts, it is not surprising that I have some affinity for this dram. But, I have one major reservation. The price is nearly three times that for Ardbeg 10, and 60% more than for Ardbeg Correyveckran or Ardbeg Uigeadail.   I will certainly enjoy this bottle, but in the future, I would find any of these other Ardbegs to be equally satisfying to drink and leave me with funds to explore others.

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