A Taste of Things to Come

SMWSI recently learned of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and once reading about their offerings, I signed up for a membership.  My introductory mini-bottles have just arrived.

The Society provides select single cask bottlings.  They come without a distillery label, rather a two part number.  The first is a number for the distillery, the second for the number of single cask bottlings that the Society has produced from that distillery.

The Society provides tasting notes from the panel who selects which casks are ready to be bottled. They also give an intriguing descriptive name.  For example, the middle of the three 10cl mini-bottles above is numbered 29.99, and comes with the label “Power and Scorched Earth”.  It indicates that the whiskey has been aged 20 years and is 59.6 ABV.  The number 29 is for the Laphroaig distillery.  This 99th bottling comes from a sherry butt cask.  All of the Society offerings are non-chill filtered.  So I am guessing the color hints to a strong sherry influence.  Given the distillery origins, I anticipate a unique nose and palate.

The Society documentation makes it clear that they do not place the distillery name on the bottling, since a whiskey from a single cask can be, and apparently often is, distinctive from the distillery single malt offerings.   I am anticipating a fun and engaging journey.

There are some other interesting benefits to membership.  Here is a link to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America.

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