Glenmorangie Burgundy Wood Finish 12

Glenmorangie Burgundy 12Glenmorangie Burgundy Wood Finish aged 12 years.  43% ABV

After trying the newer Glenmorangie Companta, I wanted to revisit some of the earlier Glenmorangie offerings.   I have a number of the various ‘wood finish’ 12 year aged offerings.  I pulled out a bottle of the Burgundy Wood Finish.

The nose is slightly sweet, raisins, earthy.

The palate is vanilla, sweet, lightly syrup, muted spice.

The finish is modest, not lingering, sweet grape. 

It is a very interesting contrast between the two.  The Burgundy is, on the balance a sweeter, more subdued, single malt.  It lacks the complexity, aggressiveness, and finish of the Companta.

Glenmorangie Companta

glenmorangie compantaGlenmorangie Companta.  46% ABV.

As I have mentioned before, my preferences have for a time moved me in the direction of the Islay single malts.   But, lately I have been drawn to revisit some of my original favorites, particularly some of the highland single malts.   Glenmorangie single malts were a great introduction for someone new to this pursuit.

In contrast to the earlier Glenmorangies I sampled, the more recent offerings do not come with age statements.  But, the distillery does provide some background.  The Companta is a combination of a “vatting of 1999 vintage whisky finished for 4 years in Clos de Tart Burgundy casks and 1995 vintage whisky finished for 8 years in sweet fortifed Côte du Rhône wine casks” 

The nose hints to the wine heritage, with some sweetness and underlying earthy, leather, dry notes.

The palate surprised me, I was anticipating a tame entry.   It was spicy, with layers of semi-sweet chocolate and red wine undertones.   Gradually,the spicy notes converge to a lingering pepper.

The finish is wonderfully long, with hints of allspice and distinctly clove.

This is a most pleasant dram.  A rich complexity, distinctive flavors but the finish does not let you forget … that more than anything … that you are tasting a finely crafted whisky.   One I think I would prefer as an after dinner drink, it would follow a meal accompanied by a dry red wine quiet well.