Bunnahabhain 18

Bunnahabhain 18Bunnahabhain 18.  Islay single malt.  Non chill-filtered.  46.3% ABV.

The nose brings sherry, vanilla and a hint of smoke/peat.  On the palate it is sweet, first caramel then spicy, with salt on the end.  It brings on a bit of spicy notes with a medium-long finish.  It certainly warms as it goes down.  Some describe an iodine-like finish.  It is also leaves a bit of an oily or light syrup coat on the tongue.

This is a strong whisky, the sweetness still overlays the characteristic aggressiveness and punch of an Islay scotch.   Like many Islay, it is likely to be an aquired taste, not a place for someone new to single malts is likely to venture initially.   Once here, there is a lot of character and depth to be explored.

I struggle with the pronunciation of  some single malts, this distillery is one good example.  According to the Master of Malt, this one is ‘BOO-na-HAven’.

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