Balvenie 21 Portwood

Balvenie 21Balvenie 21 Portwood,.  A Speyside single malt. Chill-filtered, 43% ABV.

The nose has undertones of peach and caramel. It has a sweet entry to the palate, the port influence no doubt, and taffy. I find that a dryness emerges that gives way to a taste of salt. The finish is dry, delicate and long.

There is a maturity and smoothness to this whisky.   Not overpowering.   I think this would be a great single malt to have as a prelude to a fine dinner.

Do you ever find that the taste of a particular scotch takes you back to a to a memory, capturing a moment in time?   The type of memory association many experience with some music. Perhaps where you were when you first sampled or shared a dram of this scotch, or whom you were with at the moment? I wonder how such linked sensual memories influence how we assess and appreciate the scotch upon subsequent tastes.

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