A return to Islay

Islay ChoicesUntil the day comes when I can visit there, I will have to be content with my virtual tour of Islay.  This is my current Islay neighborhood.

I think it is time to add another reflection on an Islay single malt.  I considered one last night, before deciding to finish my notes on the Balvenie 21 first.

Since I have already written about some of my Ardbegs, I think I should visit another distillery.  Fortunately, there are still choices.   I am thinking I may need to look to one of the newer residents, a Bunnahabhain 18.  Then again, it might be fun to spend some time contemplating one of the youngsters in the collection, Kilchoman.

Regardless, I have a few more to work my way through.

Of course, there will always be more to discover.  I was able to have a dram of Ardbeg Galileo on my recent trip, and I hope to add it to my Islay neighborhood one day – assuming that it comes to Nebraska!

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