Talisker 10

Talisker 10Talisker 10.  45.8 ABV, Chill filtered.

I found my perception of this Isle of Skye single malt has shifted  from when I first sampled it a few years back.   When I first met this whisky, I had been mostly sampling Highland single malts.   At that time, my first reaction was the strong smoke and peat presence on the nose and palate.  Now, years later, after broadening my base, particularly with a couple dozen Islay single malts, I find my reaction to Talisker to have shifted substantially.

I now find the nose to be subdued smoke with a sweet floral/honey undercoating.  On first exposure, the palate is a little sweeter than I recall, a sherry and spice, with smoke and pepper emerging.  The finish is modest, lingering smoke and peppery.

I still think it is a very good single malt, and a good value overall.  It might be a nice dram after a grilled meal, the mild smoke and sweetness providing a suitable transition.


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