Revisiting the Isle of Skye


A couple years ago, spent an enjoyable Saturday evening exploring these variations of Talisker. A very pleasant journey with friends.

I think it may be time to revisit each of these variations of Talisker on their own.  Partly, I wonder how my tastes for specific single malts has shifted over time.  While I find each enjoyable in it’s own way, I have moved from Highland to Islay in terms of my broad taste preference.

As a start, here are my notes from the past:

One of the best of the single malt distilleries from where I sit. Great complexity, with some shared elements … smooth first taste warming to peppery and long finishes … and each bottling bringing distinctive elements. The Talisker 10 is an outstanding bold scotch for a very good value. The 18 and the 25 bring smoother, and increasingly nuanced, presentations. The Distiller’s Edition is very good, but would be the one I would drop if I could only have three.


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