Bruichladdich 15

Bruichladdich 15Bruichladdich 15, second edition.  Non-Chill Filtered.  I needed to get back to the Islay scotches, and this seemed like a natural bridge from the recent fling with the various distillers editions. While an Islay, this particular bottling of Bruichladdich has a brief final stay in a sauternes cask. The resulting sweetness is present with peat somewhat subdued, complemented by a spicy to pepper transition on the palate. Not a particularly long finish. A pleasant drink, rather light for an Islay scotch.   Possibly a gentle transition for those not yet acquainted with scotches from this region.

How to pronounce Bruichladdich?   From the distillery website:  “Bruichladdich is one of the fifty most unpronounceable names in Scotland says the Scottish Miscellany.  The full Gaelic name is Brudhach a Chladdaich, two descriptive geographical words. Brudhach is pronounced ‘brew-ahhk’ (with the ‘hach’ heavily aspirated), while in the softer Islay Gaelic accent, Chladdich, sounds like ‘klah-dee’ or ‘klah-deehk’.  Put together we get ‘brew-ahhk-ah-klah-dee-hk’. Over time, the end of the first word, and the beginning of the second were elided to become ‘brew-ah-kladdie’.

This was ultimately Anglicised in the nineteenth century to ‘brook-laddie’ and is the pronunciation we use today.”

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